Anthony Corcoran

Welcome back to the High Street, Priory Close, South Street NHW Scheme.

When our energetic PCSO and Guru behind the monthly Neighbourhood Watch Association Newsletters (‘NHWA’), Julie Green moved on to other climes (est. in summer 2012) the monthly Newsletters ceased…

…but all local Neighbourhood Watch Schemes subsequently joined forces together to establish the Tarring NHW Group and, in amalgamation with the Neighbourhood Police Panel, formed the Tarring NHW & Community Forum.

JACHaving been appointed the “Three Central Tarring Streets’, High Street, Priory Close and South Street (For more specific information on coverage please see my Mighty Tome).
I will now again take up the same NHWA duties but henceforth under the “Tarring Community Forum” banner…
…albeit primarily via email distribution (of whom the list of email addresses is to date minimal – out of an estimated 200 residences within the said Three Tarring Streets, only some 19 households have given me their email address and the success of this fresh direction/new venture is dependant on having as many address as possible of the said 200 residences.
To assist this new venture to bed down, the first two monthly newsletters will be distributed not only by email but also as hard copy delivered to your doors but during which time your email addresses will be canvassed.

Being part of a Modern Neighbourhood Watch will “cost you nothing”, the process is very simple and we hope that you will take the opportunity to join your local
“Three Central Tarring Streets NHW scheme”.

Why not join “your local Scheme HERE right now and when you reach the National Website, click on the ‘right hand’ pane. Enter your Post Code and you will be offered a list of local schemes, please remember to select the “Three Central Tarring Streets’ (TNHWG)” Scheme.

The most impressive Neighbourhood Watch achievements result from members looking closely at the needs of their communities and meeting them with innovative and creative thinking. Research has shown that Communities where Neighbourhood Watch operates become more friendly and cohesive and experience a fall in crime!

Take a good look around the website, we think it will provide you with all the information you need from our “Events Diary” telling what’s happening and when, Our “Crime Reports” Page where you can check up on criminal activity in Worthing. Regular “News” posts, useful “Links” & “Contacts” and the “Agendas and Minutes” of our monthly meetings!

If you’re not comfortable with on line registration, or you’re simply a bit of a “rebel” and don’t want to register formerly, just email me your Name and Address (Phone optional) and I’ll add you straight to the membership list. You can email me at via email <>

Anthony Corcoran, your Coordinator…
being of ‘the “patch” at 39 High Street, Tarring, BN14 7ND
Email: <>
Telephone No. 01903-23-29-25