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Yes, it’s is completed, isn’t it?


Well yes, they did miss a bit and no, they didn’t replace the rotten bricks and no, they didn’t re-point the wall to protect it from further erosion, but it didn’t cost us anything…… did it?









Dear Bob, Mike,
I am pleased to confirm that “Tarring NHW & Community Forum” currently hold £600 in reserve for this purpose.

More than happy to release this, when we have a start date for the project!

After all it’s only taken 2 Years 7 Months so far (13th March 2013)!

Best regards

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From: Mike Thomas
Sent: 06 October 2015 14:59
To: Bob Smytherman
Subject: FW: Brickwork price

Hi Mike,
That’s great news. The money from the CIF grant was awarded to the Tarring Community Forum and can’t remember the exact amount but I am sure this will cover it?

Can you please advise how much was awarded?
Do the Tarring Forum need to pay this direct to the contractor or return to WSCC Highways?

Hi Bob
The estimate for the wall is coming in at £1,630 + VAT. I believe the CLC awarded some funds towards this project. Please can you advise how much it is and where it currently sits?
Kind regards

Mike Thomas
Area Manager – Worthing and Adur
Residents’ Services – Highways and Transport West Sussex County Council

See the latest response from Highways received today.
We now finally have a reference number for the case.

Dear Bob
RE 320809 WORTHING – Ely Close Wall
Thank you for your email of 28.9.15 with regards to the above. I am sorry this is taking a long time to happen. David Billinghurst has been engaging with our contractor and we believe we have a way forward with this issue. David is on leave this week, and I will engage with him as soon as he returns and then inform you of our position, as I do appreciate how sensitive this is for you.

Kind regards
Mike Thomas
Area Highway Manager

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From: roger dwyer <>
Date: 27/09/2015 09:55 (GMT+00:00)
Subject: FW: Ely close wall URGENT

Latest complaints from my neighbours……THE WALL IS DANGEROUS……..please do something…….get highways to put up a safety fence/zone before a child gets injured and the council gets sued! ROGER DWYER

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02-05-15 _ As far as I am concerned this is the final straw!
I wash my hands of anything to do with this wall project. The council will have to take responsibility for the wall, which is now in a very dangerous condition and could easily injure the public. No progress has been made in close on two years and the vandalised wall continues to fall apart which is an eye-sore and effects property prices as well as being hazardous.
All neighbours, Please see the following emails FYI. Roger Dwyer. 4 Ely close.

Subject: RE: Wall re-build project Ely close
Date: Fri, 1 May 2015 12:29:01 +0000
Hi Roger,
As discussed, I have been working on smoothing out permissions for you, but have hit a rather large hurdle surrounding liability, due to the fact that establishing the legal ownership of the wall is proving very challenging.
Our concern is that, by repairing the wall, you and the other residents would “inherit” liability for it, which would include any further maintenance and public liability were there to be an injury linked to the construction or repair of the wall (it collapsing, something coming loose and falling on someone, etc…).
We would therefore strongly recommend that you take legal advice on the implications of taking this on as a project as a matter of urgency, and certainly before starting any form of work.
Please keep me updated.
Best regards, Lydia

From: roger dwyer []
Sent: 16 April 2015 12:00
To: Lydia Schilbach; Terry Ricards
Subject: Wall re-build project Ely close
Hello Lydia,
myself, neighbours and friends wish to make a start at re-building the damaged wall at the end of Ely close. Tarring Community Forum have the funds…£1100 for materials. Please would you contact me on 01903527706 to discuss safety rules, the best supplier to use and one or two other questions on “how to get started?”. Regards Roger Dwyer. NHW. 4 Ely close.
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14th. January 2015. The council have just informed the Tarring Forum/neighbourhood watch that £600 has been allocated to re-build/repair the damaged wall at the end of Ely close. Together with £500 donated from Wimpy the sum of £1100 is now available. Neighbours will be informed by Roger.
Lydia Schillbach is the new Principle Community officer for W.S.C.C. replacing Brian Morgan.
She said her job was “to get what the community wants from the council”. Lets hope that when the weather improves later in the year the work of re-construction will finally get underway.    RD.

Friday 24th October 2014

The council are still in dispute with Wimpey regarding ownership. Wimpey have “donated” £500 towards repair of the wall but accept no further responsibility. Money has been set aside I believe £2000 from Community funds however the council are worried about the quality of finish, health and safety rules and future liability…….so further delay….
The final straw……Brian Morgan (Chief Community Officer) has resigned and left……all his projects are on hold as there is no over-lap possible for a new appointee. We will have to wait for a new officer to be employed by the council.              R. Dwyer   24th.Oct 2014.

11th. July 2014 Updates coming shortly.  ?

From:     Terry S Rickards
Sent:    04 June 2014 10:52:56
I was just out of the door when I read your email!!!!!
I don’t think I’ve ever heard you so thoroughly fed up with the whole issue and clearly it’s no wonder!

To all Officers and Councillors, this really has gone on long  enough and NOW (months down the line having already obtained a ridiculous estimate for the work yourselves) you ask for an estimate for materials.

Is there no ‘set procedure’ for Community action plans of this type?
Is there no longer a list of “preferred suppliers” that the council can call on for supply of Building materials, almost certainly at a better price than an individual can obtain?
Pick the bloody phone up and find out for yourselves!
and if you don’t know what materials you want, get the local ‘Building’ inspector to go have a look, while their out and about!

For goodness sake start working “together” to resolve this issue, the community have now supplied the workforce and are ready to work under the supervision of Darren Rolfe and “supposedly there are at least 3 departments ready to fund the project, or at least so I keep getting told!

Brian, you’re Principal Community Officer, can’t you ‘pull this lot together’!

Thoroughly disgusted

Terry Rickards,
TCForum & NHW Group
Worthing NHW Association
07543 387175
“Stay Vigilant, Stay safe”

On 04/06/2014 11:20, roger dwyer wrote:

To all involved…… has suggested that I should get costings for materials. I offered to do just that 13 months ago when an extension was being built on my house !! Will somebody get to grips with this and get on with the job…..the wall needs repairing now.

My estimates are as follows…..500 bricks £400
……60 caps    £300
……5 lime           £75
…….10 cement   £40
1 ton sand     £50
Hire 2 grinders/blades 2 days….£75


ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.      Yes, you guessed…I am depressed and totally pissed-off with this debacle and so are all the residents around here. ROGER

  Subject: RE: Progress?….Ely close wall.
    Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2014 08:26:24 +0000

Hi Roger
Yes, I did receive the action plan, thankyou.
Firstly, is there any progress or news on the Wimpey Homes investigation? Has anyone asked them if they own the wall yet?
I am able to offer all of the on-site practical and pre-start help that you may need but funding opportunities from WSCC are best discussed with either Brian Morgan or your local member (Mr Smytherman).

Has the community approached any possible funders or sources of help for the project yet?
Kind regards
Darren Rolfe | Senior Community Solutions

From: roger dwyer []
    Sent: 02 June 2014 14:55
    To: Darren Rolfe;; Terry Ricards
    Subject: Progress?….Ely close wall.

Hello Darren, firstly, please would you confirm that you received my “Action-plan” for the local community to repair the damaged wall in Ely close. Secondly, keep me up-dated on progress to obtain financial support in the form of grants from the council. I will then be able to report these arrangements at the next N.H.W.  Community forum meeting on 10th. June. Many thanks, regards ROGER.

For the attention of Darren Rolfe, Hazel Thorpe and Terry Ricards.


15th May 2014

The following neighbours met in Ely close at 7:30pm, 14th May to formalise an action plan to re-build the damaged wall.
Ely close no.4 Roger, no.5 Ken, no.7 Simon, no.8 John,
Princess ave. no.95 Dave, no.97 Rob.
Also willing to help. Ely close no.3 Paul, no.6 James no.11 Malcolm.
The damaged wall is 25m long and 0.9m high. Most of the top concrete slabs are missing and the top layers of brick are loose or damaged and others weathered.
The aim of this community project is to repair the damaged section of wall to its original specification. To work with and under the supervision and guidance of Darren Rolfe (Community Solutions Officer) who will co-ordinate with the council – Hazel Thorpe, to obtain community scheme grants to cover expenses.
All financial arrangements will be made through the Tarring Neighbourhood Watch Community Forum via its Chair Terry Rickards.
PLAN OF ACTION….to start A.S.A.P.
Remove the top two layers of loose bricks and any others badly damaged.
Fill the cavity with rubble.
Place all waste material in a pre-ordered builders’ skip.
Grind out and re-point both sides as required.
Re-lay the top two layers of bricks and cap with square concrete slabs.
Tidy up the grass verge and brush the parking area/turning circle.
Safety checks completed.
60 top concrete stone slabs 30cm. x 30cm. Square
500 Dapple light bricks
5 bags of lime 10 bags of cement 1 bag of builders sand (ton?)
Hire two sets of grinders and an electric cement mixer.
( We can use Dave’s generator and we now have a cement mixer from James no. 6 Ely close).
Materials may be delivered onto the drive at no. 7 Ely close.
Ken has some brick-laying experience.
Roger is available anytime except Tuesdays and others at week-ends and evenings.

18th March 2014

I guess my question would be, as we cannot find anyone to help us with a wall, do we need a wall?

Suggestion from Darren Rolfe | Senior Community Solutions Officer, Volunteer Development Team, West Sussex County Council

I could remove the existing wall, construct raised planters along the line of the wall and plant it with shrubs / perennial flowers for the community to then look after? Not as impenetrable as a wall but with the right plant selection it would be a barrier?

The planters could incorporate one section as a bench, or could be used by the community as a growing space for veg / fruit etc?
If I made then from baulks of timber they would be very long lasting, look nice, and I could stack the end ones to make them higher. We could even look to the EA to see if we could use some old groyne timber to keep the seaside theme as I did with some interpretation boards I made in Ferring some time ago.

This option would also be cheaper than the wall.
Happy to meet on site and discuss if you wish
Just an idea, but a better solution to the issue that the threatened highway bollards???


1st November 2013

At last we have received the following email from Brian Morgan, Principal Community Officer, regarding the wall repair:

Subject: Progress!
Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2013 10:11:16 +0000
Hi Roger,
Our man has finally got Northbrook bricklaying tutor to agree a meeting on site in the week of 11th Nov.
I will be able to update you further after this meeting.

Hope all is well.
Brian Morgan | Principal Community Officer (Worthing)

23rd July 2013

Damaged Wall Replacement – Latest

Two Ely close residents met Brian Morgan, principle Community officer and Darren Rolfe ,WSCC. Community and Economic Development, Volunteer co-ordinator/development team at the damaged wall and options were explained and discussed.
We would like the wall re-built and the height adjusted alongside no. 7 Ely close for privacy and security.
A stronger brick configuration would be possible and “apprentices” under supervision from Northbrook college could gain practical experience to lay the bricks. Local residents to play their part by knocking down the damaged wall and filling skips provided by the council. Materials would be provided by the college.
This is now in the planning stage for a September start.

Damaged Wall Replacement – Progress

I met with  Brian Morgan from the council this morning with the resident  from N0. 7 Ely close..
He gets community involvement organised with council departments.
He will check who is responsible for the wall and he thinks the wall could be replaced with local residents helping to keep costs down and providing good publicity for interested parties like Balfour-Beaty.
He will attend our next TCF meeting.( Hope you can come too.)

13th June 2013

Damaged Wall Replacement

The damaged wall has been inspected and estimates to re-build would be in the region of £7,000, or for “close-board” wooden fencing it would be around £4,000. The council are looking at alternative options to replace the wall with BOLLARDS as this would be cheaper and cost less in future maintenance.
Brian Morgan will be asked for a “community solution” when he returns from holiday as several residents have offered to clear the wall if the council provided skips to remove the rubble. Man-power is available from local residents in Ely close and Princess Ave, to keep costs down.
“Nobody wants bollards”.
The owner of the property at no.7 would be prepared to pay for a fence alongside his front garden….so the council only needs to fix/replace or fence the wall adjacent to the road at the end of the close.
I have also informed the council of a tree, just outside the close on the left, which is partially blocking the pavement and also over-hanging the wall into the car parking/turning space. This is to be looked at, and I hope cut well back.
NHW Coordinator.

20th March 2013

Clear up after vandalised wall

Rubble from the damaged wall has now been removed by the council and repairs are being planned. Please report any suspicious activity in the vicinity of Ely close and Princess avenue. Watch out also for litter-louts leaving bottles and cans on the verges and passage-way into St. Andrews road.”   Thank-you.

14th March 2013

Overnight Vandalism

Overnight a wall was vandalised, causing serious damage to a  wall at the end of Ely close.
Paving stones and bricks were strewn around the turning circle, now cleared for cars but the wall is dangerous, council to be informed by police.
DSC04486 DSC04487

Anyone with information should call the Police on 101

Reported by Roger DwyerNHW Coordinator