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 It is important to use CCTV as this can catch people or deter them from committing the crime as it will mean that if they try to do a crime they will be seen so it will be easier to be caught after the crime has occurred.
You will need posters outside the premises to tell people that there is CCTV in use. There are several posters which you can choose whether you are using sound and visual or just visual. You can contact your local PCSO for a CCTV poster.
You should make sure the cameras are not blocked by anything otherwise they are not very useful also you should make sure that the picture quality is clear enough so that you can see everything that happens. Furthermore you have to make sure that the time and date is correct as this can be very useful in the case of crime you can tell when it happened exactly. Remember why you installed the camera for example if you wanted to recognise a face as someone walks in or see a number plate on a car outside.
The software you us should be good enough that it has variable speed so that it can be played frame by frame or skip until the incident happens.
Some other things to be aware of are,
Training Staff
 -Inform staff of any prevention equipment you have installed.
– Train them how to spot suspicious people/ vehicles.
– Ensure only specially selected staff have access to certain keys or combination, and that keys to secure the shop are not left within the shop.
The inside of your premises
-Remove high value goofs from window displays.
– Do not leave cash in the store overnight, take it to the bank however vary the route and time you leave the premises.
-If not use a good quality safe that will protects cash and valuable items overnight, you could also use sensor burglary alarms which will set the alarm off if the safe is opened.
Protecting your premises
-Use boarding or white-washing over the windows so burglars will be less likely to break in.
– Use high quality hardwood for door frames and doors, steel re-enforcing and anti-thrust bolts on breakable doors/ windows.
– Use grills or shutters, an excellent way of deterring burglars however you will need planning permission.
Watching and deterring intruders
-Intruder alarms may deter potential burglars is it is displayed, it may scare others off.
-Installing lights that activate when someone approaches your shop are effective as it may deter a potential burglar.
You can also register your valuable property for free on
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