Operation “Crackdown”

When a driver/rider is reported through the Operation Crackdown website or via the contact centre, their vehicle details are stored in a database and a notification of your report is sent to a Sussex Police Intelligence Officer.The Officer will then examine the report, cross-checking the vehicle details against the DVLA and other databases.  This will show whether the car has valid insurance, whether it has been registered as stolen or otherwise ‘flagged’ for attention.Letters of advice are issued to drivers/riders who fall into one of the Police’s Strategic Priority Groups (Young Drivers, Motorcycles, Drink/drug drivers, Commercial vehicle drivers); where the vehicle has been reported on two or more occasions in the last twelve months; or where the incident has been witnessed by more than one person.

In addition, the registered owners of the majority of commercial vehicles and vans reported to Operation Crackdown are sent information relating to the COSTS Project, which aims to reduce collisions and injuries amongst this important road user group.  This is a recent addition to the Operation Crackdown interventions and has seen many company operators making use of the free resources on offer to help keep their drivers safe on the roads.

A typical letter of advice will contain details of the alleged offence, information about the legislation surrounded the alleged offence and the consequences of that vehicle being reported again.  If the vehicle is registered to a young driver, then that person may receive a personal intervention at their home address from officers of the Road Policing Casualty Reduction Unit.

Contact details supplied by the person making the report will not be shared. – See more at: http://www.sussexsaferroads.gov.uk/operation-crackdown/what-happens-to-reports.html#sthash.y0dQAvfi.dpuf