Your voice is important and needs to be heard, doesn’t it?

This is your Neighbourhood and you need to take advantage of the many opportunities you have to ensure that the local area is Policed and Managed in the way you want.  One such opportunity is the Tarring Neighbourhood Panel that meets every month under the title “Tarring Community Forum” and is variously attended by representatives of the County Council, Borough Council, The local Policing Team and most importantly Local NHW Coordinators and Residents.

If you live in the Tarring area you too can attend and ensure your voice is heard. If you have issues but don’t wish to air them yourself , Tell your local NHW Coordinator or email me at and I’ll put it to the Forum on your behalf.

Take a look at the map below, if you live in Tarring Ward why not come and see what we have to offer at the next Tarring Community Forum.

The Tarring Neighbourhood Panel meets at 7pm, on the 2nd Tuesday of each at West Worthing Baptist Church Centre, in South Street.